About us
Dongguan ZC Apparel Co.Ltd was established in 2005,we have 12 years Factory Experience and Retailers Experience.Our company is a porfessional manufacturer exporter sportswear,yoga wear,sport bra,leggings,dry fit T-shirts,hoodies,jacket and other sport series clothing.
We have experienced management team and strong sample development skill,we offer OEM and ODM service.
Our main markets are USA,Australia,England,Canada and other different countries and regions. We are increasingly expanding our international market based on high quality products,timely delivery,reasonable and excellent services.
Brand concept
Renovate traditional culture from the perspective of youth and future, turn culture into content, and export content to ordinary people in various ways. We are a "universal culture of modern ideas". Replace words with products (content), and sell products instead of traveling among the people, so that the common people can receive products (content) and realize cultural universality.